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learn french online with certificate


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LFE is an Leading French Online School, with many year’s experience of teaching French. The school offers high quality French courses for all levels, from the complete beginner to the advance: workshop, masterclass, intensive courses, DELF-DALF & TEF-TCF exam preparatory courses, French teacher’s program.

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Bhawna Madan
Bhawna Madan
Thanku so much Saurabh , for helping me in gaining back my confidence and motivating me in every class to achieve my goals by teaching in such a simplified way . A big shout out to your patience skills for giving me so much time flexibility.
Shruti Kapoor
Shruti Kapoor
Mme Maya plays an important role in my french learning journey. She helped me to clear DELF A2. She helped me to improve my diction, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing skills, speaking skills and listening abilities. It was an amazing experience with monsieur Saurabh and Madame Maya. I would like to carry on the french learning process with them.
Rachna Virdi
Rachna Virdi
I had recently completed a preparation course for Delf B2 with Madame Edlira from Learn French Enligne. She supported us throughout the course covering all the themes and concentrating on all the four aspects. Mam encouraged us while focusing on everyone in the class equally. I highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to learn French in a proper way. Thank you Madame Edlira and Saurabh for this wonderful experience.
Jyoti Sharma
Jyoti Sharma
Learn French Enligne is an excellent platform to improve one's language skills. All classes are well-planned. Madame Edira classes are excellent.She made us work on our weak points and helped us to enhance our skills. Saurab was always very supportive throughout the program. Thank you, Saurab and Mme Edira for your constant support and encouragement.
Learn french with Khushboo
Learn french with Khushboo
I have a great experience with sourabh and mam Edlira I have learned lots of new tips, new tricks, lots of vocab which I was not to be taught previously special thanks to mam edlira because of her I am now grammatically correct in written and oral. Plus I gained confidence which is very important I am really grateful also the environment in the class was very friendly. Mam edlira was always very helpful, understanding, appreciative towards us.
Priya Lulla
Priya Lulla
Madame Eldira is one of the best a French teachers I have ever met,she makes sure everyone participates in class and never looks down upon anyone who fumbles.I recommend one and all to join her.
Preeti Chawla
Preeti Chawla
Madame Edlira is a wonderful teacher. Her teaching methodology makes us work, learn and practice to the best of our abilities. She helps her students to hone their potential. Merci beaucoup madame et Saurabh. Je voudrais continuer avec C1 et C2 aussi.
Rishu Ritesh
Rishu Ritesh
It was amazing sessions with Saurabh. The way he guided me for DELF B2 is incredible. He works with thr pace of a student and nurture him to get his goals. Thanks for these wonderful sessions.
khushboo talwani
khushboo talwani
Hii Its a perfect destination who wants to explore French language Sourabh is a wonderful mentor and he provides you one of the best teachers to learn French. If somebody wants to make a carrier so without any doubt you can take a services of this institute
My Adventure Travel
My Adventure Travel
I just completed B1 crash course with Saurabh. Even though I was at the B1 level, I wasn't confident in my writing and speaking. But now, after learning with him the techniques and how to attack on subject, I feel much better and confident in French. I highly recommend it!

Learning French Enligne- Online Classes for Learning French Language Online

Bonjour, everyone! Do you know why online French learning is all the rage currently? Think of the world’s most alluring and desirable languages in the world, which one tops your list? French? Well, it certainly tops everybody’s list! The French dialect is known for being extremely beautiful, rich, melodious, and very pleasing at the same time! Not just the French language but French people, their culture, their food, their fashion, and their lifestyle have been appreciated and celebrated by the entire world since time immemorial. Hence, today online French-speaking courses are popular everywhere. 

In the olden days, before globalization and traveling, countries only spoke their native languages. Then, the English journeyed through the globe, introduced and taught the world one common language that we all know and speak today, English! All of us can agree that having a point of commonality with the rest of the world not only made communication easier but also opened up doors for new opportunities such as trade, travel, and much more. 

How did French become a widespread phenomenon? 

However, as quickly as the world learned English, they also recognized and realized the importance of promoting and preserving their native languages which led to the popularization of another great language, French! English was pushed to the back burner and the world quickly realized that to succeed and move forward, other paths were away from following the footsteps of the Englishmen. This is when the French language showed its potential to the world and taking French classes online became a priority. 

Have you ever come across a movie based on the magnificent country of France that has left you wanting to go and see the place for yourself? Are you worried about your ability to get around the country without knowing French? Well, take French classes online and leave your worries behind!

Have you ever seen big companies looking for employees who are affluent in France and been upset about missing the opportunity because you don’t know anything beyond Bon appetit? Today, you can learn French online from any part of the world and grab every opportunity that the world offers you. 

What are the benefits of knowing and speaking French? 

A Global Language- Apart from English, French is the only language that is taught in almost every single country in the world. It is also the 5th most spoken language with over 300 million speakers and 5 countries speaking it! 

A Rich Language- Taking French lessons online opens up opportunities for the speaker to learn about some great literary, historical, and cultural works. French is known for not just being the language of love but it is also very popular as the language of cooking, the language of fashion, the language of art, the language of arts, and the language of theater. 

A Base for Other Languages- Learning French online makes learning other languages such as Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese easier due to the similarities between the languages. 

Traveling Made Easier- Everybody dreams of touring the most cultural and loved place in the world, France. Whilst there are tools today that can translate languages, a French-speaking tourist can connect with the locals, and the culture and enjoy the experience much more. 

Ease in Higher Education- France has some of the best and vastly renowned culinary schools, business schools, art schools, and theater schools in the world, and learning French online opens up doors to study in them. 

New Job Opportunities- As France is one of the leading economies in the world, learning French online can provide opportunities for job seekers to be a part of French companies not just in France but in other French-speaking nations as well! 

Now that we have established what a French speaker is capable of doing, let’s learn about the best online French-speaking course you can opt for. Learn French Enligne or LFE is one of the leading names for online French learning available in the market today. Since the world has adapted and moved on to online education post covid, LFE has also opted for the same module. With classes for all levels and students from all across the world, you are certainly exposed to the best online French learning model! 

Why is Learn French Enligne or LFE the best online French-speaking course? 

Years of Experience- The institution has years of experience in teaching French to avid learners. With the best teaching and communication methods, and 1200+ students, it is certainly an amazing choice for French classes online. 

Trained Teachers- The professors at LFE are skilled professionals with plenty of experience in the teaching field. They have adapted the best teaching techniques and with plenty of support and guidance, they wish to help all the students master French lessons online. 

Comprehensive Curriculum- The curriculum for online French learning in LFE for students is crafted in a way that allows them to develop their skills and abilities in the best possible environment. From beginner to advanced levels, their workshops, classes, exams, and courses are designed for everyone with a 96.5% learner’s report!

24/7 Chat Support – Learn French Enligne wants to ensure that the students receive help and guidance at all times which is why they have a 24/7 chat support system for students to clear all their doubts and queries in their online French-speaking course.

Flexibility- Since the study materials and the course are available online, students have the flexibility to learn the beautiful French language at any time or any place. Online French learning has been made exceptionally easy for everyone in LFE. 

Certification- At the end of the course, the students receive a certificate from the best online French learning and speaking course which is valid and valued internationally. 

Lifetime Access- Once the students enroll for this course, they have access to the study materials for their entire lives to be able to keep polishing their fluency. 

Job Guidance- Whilst for some learning French could just be a hobby most of the students wish to rise their ranks in this competitive world. With the French being extremely important business leaders, they also provide opportunities for French-speaking students to become a part of their world. At Learn French Enligne, we help our students get placements in some of the leading companies and industries. 

Join Learn French Enligne for online French lessons

With a 100% guarantee of mastering French through online French lessons, Learn French Enligne is not just any ordinary online French learning and speaking course program but they are dedicated professionals that ensure that every single student that becomes a part of the community masters the beautiful and rich French Language. 

Enroll right now and become a part of the best online French-speaking course! 

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